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Study abroad resources

Online resources - Articles on study abroad - Books on study abroad - Study abroad grants

Books on study abroad

Study Abroad 101, by Wendy Williamson, 164 p. (2008)
This book answers 101 useful questions frequently asked by study abroad students, such as: Where should I go? How much will it cost? How will it fit in with my major? How should I choose a program? What should I pack? How much money should I budget for the trip? What if my language skills are not very well-developed? What should I do when I return home?, and many other useful topics.

Study Abroad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience, by Michele-Marie Dowel, Kelly P. Mirsky, 208 p. (2002)
This book trains the student abroad how to go from being an outsider looking in to truly experiencing and engaging with the foreign culture of the host country. The self-directed workbook format helps students personalize their experiences before, during, and after their trip. Exercises encourage critical reflection and motivate students to take charge of shaping their experiences abroad. The five covered target areas are personal development, learning about one's own culture, learning about another culture, professional development, and learning another language.

The Exchange Student Survival Kit, by Bettina Hansel, 2nd ed. (2007), 166 p.
Gives the exchange student insight on what to expect before, during and after the foreign study experience. The book outlines 7 issues that students typically deal with while abroad: settling in, homesickness, culture shock, making friends, learning the language, preparing to leave, and reverse culture shock. Based on her years of research and experience with exhange students, the author gives practical advice for avoiding miscommunication and problems during the period of adjustment to a new culture. Examples from dozens of exchange students from a broad range of cultures.

Academic Year Abroad 2009/2010 (IIE Passport) , by Marie O'Sullivan, 639 p.
Now in its 38th edition, this directory covers over 3,500 semester and year-long study abroad programs sponsored by U.S. and foreign universities and private organizations. Each entry includes information on program requirements, how to apply, program offerings, costs, housing, and more. Introductory section on planning international study.

Short-Term Study Abroad 2009/2010 (IIE Passport), by Marie O'Sullivan, 598 p.
The 59th edition of this book outlines over 3,500 study abroad programs sponsored by U.S. and foreign universities, schools, museums and organizations, on land and on sea, and around the globe. Includes programs for pre-college students, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, professionals, senior citizens and adult learners. From intensive language immersion to work-study, interships, student teaching, field research and volunteer service, with information on costs, program duration, fields of study, scholarships and more.

Financial Aid for Studying and Training Abroad, 2010-2012, by Gail Ann Schlachter, R. David Weber, 331 p. (2010)
Describes the 1,000 biggest & best scholarships, fellowships, loans, and grants that Americans can use to support study abroad, including money for formal academic classes, courses of study or training, degree-granting programs, independent study, seminars, workshops, and student internships.

Online resources - Articles on study abroad - Books on study abroad - Study abroad grants

Online study abroad resources

UNESCO international guide to higher-education study opportunities: Downloadable pdf includes over 2,600 programs in 129 countries searchable by country or field of study. Lists contact addresses, admission requirements, application deadlines, financial aid, fees and living expenses in each country and other relevant information.

Study Abroad Directory: Searchable by country, subject matter, or desired dates of study.

IIE Passport Study Abroad Directory: Searchable by country, field of study, or language of instruction.

Study Abroad Student Handbook: This online book guides students through choosing and applying for a program, pre-departure planning and packing, health and safety while abroad, and returning home. Each section includes a helpful checklist.

Basic Facts on Study Abroad in the 21st Century: This handbook is the work of three organizations renowned in the field of international education: CIEE, IIE, and NAFSA. It discusses various opportunities abroad, determining your goals, financing your trip, and links to many outside resources.

Study Abroad Handbook: (Click on Study Abroad Handbook for latest version.) Designed for students at the University of Montana, this handbook contains especially useful information for anybody embarking on an experience abroad on cultural adjustment, money management, and safety abroad.

Study Abroad: A Guide for Women: While geared specifically toward preparing women for a study abroad experience, this guide offers a myriad of practical information for anyone planning to study abroad.

Study Abroad: Student Guide: This guide covers a myriad of topics, from justifying the stint abroad to selecting a program, preparing for the trip, living the experience, and returning home.

Study Abroad: Parent Guide : Questions and answers for parents, covering such issues as financing study abroad, academic credit, insurance, making travel arrangements, and more.

Blog Abroad: 3 or 4 college students are chosen each year to log their daily experiences abroad. Readers can interact, ask questions, and give advice. Great first-hand accounts of what a study abroad year is like.

Study Abroad: Now More Than Ever: Center for Global Education site that highlights the vital role that international education plays in improving relations between the U.S. and the rest of the world through study abroad. Includes numerous statements from world leaders.

NAFSA Association of International Educators: An organization that supports and promotes international education and supports professional development. Offers free education guides and financial aid information for U.S. students intending to study abroad and international students planning a course of study in the U.S.

Online resources - Articles on study abroad - Books on study abroad - Study abroad grants

Study abroad articles

• "Community colleges strive to boost study-abroad programs," USA Today , Sept. 23, 2009.

• "Reshaping International Education," International Educator, May/Jun. 2009. [pdf]

• "Education Abroad for Adult Students," International Educator, Jan./Feb. 2009. [pdf]

• "Study Abroad Flourishes, With China a Hotspot," The New York Times, Nov. 7, 2008.

• "Supply and Demand: Building a Fluent Workforcet," International Educator , Sep./Oct. 2009. [pdf]

• "Career Value of Education Abroad," International Educator, Nov./Dec. 2007. [pdf]

• "Students With Disabilities Studying Abroad," International Educator, Sep./Oct. 2007. [pdf]

• "International Education for Presidential Candidates," International Educator, Sep./Oct. 2007. [pdf]

• "The World is Calling," The Washington Post, Aug. 8, 2006.

• "Quality and Cost in Education Abroad: Balancing Act," International Educator, Jul./Aug. 2006. [pdf]

• "Legislation Introduced to Dramatically Expand Study Abroad Among American College Students," NAFSA, July 27, 2006.

• "The Significance of Study Abroad," Family Security Matters, July 24, 2006.

• "Wanted: Global Workers," International Educator, May/Jun. 2006. [pdf]

• "Bringing it Home: Multifaceted support for returning education abroad students," International Educator, May/Jun. 2006. [pdf]

• "Who's NOT going abroad," International Educator, Mar./Apr. 2006. [pdf]

• "Financial Aid and Funding Education Abroad," International Educator, Mar./Apr. 2006. [pdf]

• "Recognizing the value of foreign language skills," Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Feb. 9. 2006.

• "Leaders Speak Out," International Educator, Jan../Feb. 2006. [pdf]

• "The Lincoln Commission and the Future of Study Abroad," International Educator, Jan./Feb. 2006. [pdf]

• "Education Abroad Required," International Educator, Jan./Feb. 2006. [pdf]

• "Beyond Anecdote: Education Abroad Comes of Age," International Educator, Jan./Feb. 2006. [pdf]

• "An incalculable loss: lack of a coherent U.S. policy on international education will have serious consequences at home and abroad," Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Dec. 1, 2005.

• "Panel wants 1 million undergrads to study abroad," Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 14, 2005.

• "Making the Most of Short-Term Immersion," International Educator, Jul./Aug. 2005. [pdf]

• "Where Have the International Students Gone?," International Educator, Mar./Apr. 2005. [pdf]

• "Study Abroad Programs Should Emphasize Interaction with Locals, Study Says," College News, Feb. 12, 2005.

• "Language action: update on National Language priorities," Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, Jan./Mar. 2005.

• "Good Faith or Hard Data? Justifying Short-Term Programs," International Educator, Jan./Feb. 2005. [pdf]

• "Outcome Assessment of a Short-Term U.S. Thailand Student Exchange Program," NACTA Journal, Dec. 2004.

• "Studying abroad: the role of college students' goals on the development of cross-cultural skills and global understanding," College Student Journal, Dec. 2004.

• "Opening doors, crossing cultures," T + D, May 2004.

• "Higher education crosses borders: can the United States remain the top destination for foreign students?," Change, Mar./Apr. 2004.

• "Report, educators call for more study abroad programs: lack of global knowledge threatens the nation's security, future, experts say," Black Issues in Higher Education, Dec. 18, 2003.

• "Redefining study abroad," Chicago Sun-Times, Dec. 5, 2003.

• "Will our graduates be global players?," Journal of Engineering Education, Jul. 2003.

• "Study-abroad programs go plush," Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 23, 2003.

• "International students' strategies for well-being," College Student Journal, Dec. 2002.

• "Broaden your horizons with study or travel abroad: it's not just for the privileged anymore," Career World, Nov/Dec. 2002.

• "From the margin to the mainstream: innovative approaches to internationalizing education for a new century," Change, Sep./Oct. 2002.

• "Assessing study abroad's effect on an international mission," Change, May 2002.

• "Study Abroad 101: The basic facts," Black Collegian, Feb. 1999.

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